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JAC consultants bring people & companies together. We know the industries inside out. With in-depth understanding of client's needs, we skillfully match, to place the most suitable candidate.

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Why JAC Recruitment VietNam?

Moving with the times people, companies and society are always changing.
Times may change, but JAC Recruitment's guiding philosophy to introduce
specialist individuals who will bring dynamism to our clients'
businesses has never wavered.

Since 1975, when we became the first Japanese recruitment agency to
commence business in the UK, we have subsequently opened offices in
Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, China, Korea, Hong Kong
and Vietnam. We have become a truly International Recruitment
Consultancy whilst still maintaining important strong local foundations
in each of our operations.

A thorough understanding of our clients' needs and a deep-rooted
understanding of culture, lifestyle and business practices in each
country has allows us to source the highest caliber professionals from
all over the world for our clients, and also enables us to find
international appointments for candidates with the aspirations, skills
and language ability to work overseas in today's global marketplace.

We have developed our business through an international corporate
culture of being a Japanese agency established in the UK. It is this
culture which makes JAC Recruitment truly international.

As a major recruitment agency, we make the most of our size and track
record, our Asian network and our corporate culture to deliver
recruitment solutions to our clients.

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